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Address: Armenia 0001 Yerevan, Kentron, Moskovyan St., 3 Building

Phone: +374 - (43) 40-88-64

Hours of operation: Around the clock Work days: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun


Loft is a self-development and leisure multifunctional center, where everything is free, except time. It’s a crossroad of extreme, new approach, and a dream-reality interception. Under the same roof you can find diversity of activities in independent halls: playroom, open kitchen, conference-hall, white-room which can be used as a space for yoga and dance, a large hall for art and cultural activities, a stage with musical instruments. Recently a new, rest area has been opened in the LOFT. The multifunctioning of the LOFT is due to the availability of the transforming zones, which allows to conduct more than 5 events at once, events, such as cooking cheesecake and having meeting with Tigran Masnuryan, the concert of Malkhas and Ping-Pong match, watermelon party and the presentation of Bernard Werber’s book. The general tariff of the LOFT’s main hall and quite zone for per person is: 15 AMD for a minute 1300 AMD for 2 hours 1500 AMD for 3 hours 3000 AMD for 8 working hours (10:00-18:00) 3500 AMD for 1 day (10:00-00:00) 999 AMD for 1 night (00:00-10:00)

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